From September 4th to 6th, the 2020 International Forum (TEDA) on China Automotive Industry Development with the theme of "Double Upgrading of Industrial Consumption and Reconstructing a New Ecological Pattern" was held in Binhai New District, Tianjin.

As an invited speaker, Liang Rui, the vice president of Sunwoda, gave a wonderful speech on the industrial pattern and development strategy of China's power battery industry in the first venue with the theme of "Changes in the competitive landscape of power battery". Liang Rui, the vice president of Sunwoda,is a 20-years veteran of lithium battery. He has witnessed the growth process of China's lithium-ion battery industry from its inception to prosperity. He has a deep understanding and rich practical experience in the power battery market.

Liang Rui said that China’s new energy vehicles have become a force that cannot be ignored in the international landscape, but China’s new energy vehicles still face many challenges and new strategic choices. How to clarify the context of market operations and strive for high-quality development in a broader space, the core resources of the new energy vehicle market should be focused on the three aspects of operating platforms, battery swapping and replacement facilities and power batteries. Especially with the attention of the government, car companies and battery manufacturers in recent years, coupled with its many advantages in battery swapping, the battery swapping has become a new business model.

Liang Rui pointed out that battery manufacturers should focus on subdividing the target market for electric vehicles, with consumer value appeal as the core, and continuously improve battery energy density, improve safety, enhance fast charging and reduce battery costs. Liang Rui also pointed out that the globalization of the power battery industry will further strengthen in the future. The leading companies of China, Japan and South Korea will compete in the global market, and the domestic power battery market will form a "top five" + "multi-polar" situation within five years.