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Instruction on corruption prevention

Sunwoda requires every employee to strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, professional ethics and company rules and regulations, to create the atmosphere of integrity and diligence. If you find or suspect any violations by Sunwoda employees, please report to the Audit Department. The informant is responsible for the authenticity of the complaint. We encourage real-name reporting, and those who do not wish to be real-named may report anonymously or by pseudonym. We promise to protect the whistleblowers' personal information in all aspects of acceptance, registration, storage and investigation, and strictly investigate and punish any form of retaliation.

Telephone report: 18126270617 (the same number on WeChat)

Email report:;

Report to his face: report to his face to the person in charge of supervision and audit or the person in charge of the audit department

Report by letter: Send the written report to No. 2 Yihe Road, Shilong Community, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, the person in charge of the audit department of Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd., postcode 518108;

WeChat report: Scan the 2-dimensional bar code below to add the report acceptance personnel.

Including but not limited to our employees engaged in internal audit, procurement, SQE, engineering, capital management, inspection, supervision, testing, certification, audit management, production management, financial management, warehousing management, engineering construction, decoration and maintenance management, external public relation management, official seal management, administrative management, HR management, employee recruitment, training, assessment and promotion management, and other activities have involved receiving kickbacks, favoritism, and violations of integrity.

The reward object is only limited to the real name whistleblowers who provide real and effective evidence to report fraud. We will give corresponding rewards according to the severity of the report processing results; the bonus will be directly distributed to the informant by the audit department.

Any supplier who reports and verifies the case will be reward with RMB 5,000 (5 thousand yuan) to 5,000,000 (5 million yuan);

Any employee (including the former employee) who reports and verifies the case will be rewarded with RMB 1,000 (one thousand yuan) to 1,000,000 (one million yuan).

Only feedback whether the person being queried is a de-listed employee of Sunwoda.

For more information, please send an email to


1. Click the submit button to indicate that you or the company you represent make inquiries only for legitimate purposes such as professional background investigation

2. The query results only feed back whether the inquired person is a delisted employee of our company, and you or the company you represent have the confidentiality obligation stipulated by law

3. Any violation of personal privacy caused by you or the company you represent has nothing to do with Xinwangda Electronics Co., Ltd