The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and the China Federation of Industrial Economics announced the fifth batch of manufacturing single champion companies and single champion products. The second batch of manufacturing single champion companies (products) has passed the review. After the independent declaration of enterprises, the recommendation of local industry and informatization authorities and central enterprises, the demonstration of restrictions by industry associations, and the argument of experts, Sunwoda's lithium-ion battery modules for smartphones were listed as the fifth batch of manufacturing single champion products,which is the first time that Sunwoda won the honor.

It is reported that 90 enterprises and 95 products have been approved in this batch. It is a unique action for the nation to guide manufacturing enterprises to focus on innovation and product quality improvement, to promote the industry to mid-to-high-end, and to drive Chinese manufacturing to the world. It aims to form a leading single champion position in the global market and technology in more subdivided product fields and enhance its international competitiveness. The selection activity is divided into two categories: the single champion enterprise and the single champion product.

Sunwoda is currently the largest mobile phone battery supplier in China, and we are a global leader in products, technology, and R&D. The global market share of mobile phone battery modules ranks among the top three globally for three consecutive years.