From November 18th to 20th, the World Battery Industry Expo 2021 and the 6th Asia-Pacific Battery Exhibition were held in the Guangzhou Canton Fair. At this exhibitionSunwoda showcased significant scientific and technological achievements in the fields of electric vehicle batteries, electric two-wheeled vehicle batteries, energy storage systems and energy Internet, and smart hardware. Xiao Jianfu, senior manager of Sunwoda's integrated energy, delivered a speech on "Opportunities and Challenges of Distributed Smart Energy under the "Double Carbon" Strategy" at the 2021 China new energy battery technology summit forum in the same period of the exhibition.

As a power battery company that has attracted much attention from the outside world, Sunwoda has seized market opportunities and accelerated the layout of HEV batteries. Focusing on the development of HEV products for 4 years, the products have passed more than 3,000 tests and verifications, and have formed more than 400 patents about power cells and system. The product performance is superior to its types in the industry, featuring long-life and high-level safety.

Sunwoda also pays attention to the establishment of "symbiosis and win-win" industrial ecological chain, and has cultivated a number of suppliers of key components from cell raw materials and modules to systems, forming a stable HEV industrial chain. At the same time, Sunwoda has large-scale manufacturing capacity and has laid out HEV production lines in Huizhou and Nanjing bases. Currently, it has built 7 HEV production lines, which can meet the battery demand of 1 million vehicles per year.

Up to now, the cumulative shipment of Sunwoda HEV products has exceeded 10000 units, and Sunwoda HEV products continue to show scale effect and aggregation effect in the market. On November 19, Dongfeng-Nissan Sylphy e-power equipped with Sunwoda battery officially opened pre-sale!

Thanks to its early layout, technical advantages and large-scale manufacturing capabilities, Sunwoda has successfully entered the supply chain of well-known automakers at home and abroad. At present, it has been designated by Geely, Guangzhou Automobile, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor, Renault, Nissan and other automakers and powertrain suppliers. Dacia Spring, which is produced by eGT, the Renault Group's joint venture in China and equipped with Sunwoda batteries, has achieved great success in Europe. Since the pre-sales opened in March this year, as of the end of October, orders have been obtained over 40,000 in just 8 months. In October, it was the best-selling electric car in Italy and the second best-selling electric car in France.

According to the monthly data of power battery from January to October released by China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, Sunwoda entered the top 10 in domestic power battery enterprises from January to October 2021 with an installed capacity of 1.36 GWh. Among them, the installed capacity of power battery in October was 0.33 GWh, ranking 8th.