Sunwoda Electric Vehicle Battery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sunwoda, recently received a letter of appointment from SAIC MAXUS Automobile Co., Ltd. about the BEV project, to supply power battery cells for SAIC MAXUS BEV project.

SAIC MAXUS is one of the major automobile manufacturing companies in China at present, with a full range of products including MPV, SUV, pickup truck, light passenger, new energy vehicle, saloon car, special vehicle and other models, and its products have entered many countries and regions around the world.

On the one hand, this cooperation is in line with SAIC MAXUS 's "new four" strategic requirements of "electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing", and is in line with Sunwoda's strategic direction of developing both HEV and BEV batteries to help green transportation, which is conducive to enhancing Sunwoda's comprehensive competitive strength in the BEV battery field. On the other hand, it shows that both parties actively respond to the national "double carbon" goal, jointly create a low-carbon environment.