Mobile Phone Battery 2


Built in lithium-ion polymer battery, battery self-contained power management system and independent encryption management system, equipped with 5260mah fast charging battery, with smaller internal resistance and higher efficiency. The whole series is equipped with 30W charger, 30W fast flash charging and 5260mah full charge in 65 minutes. A battery sense cell monitoring circuit is added to the battery, which can accurately monitor the voltage of the battery, avoid the error caused by the impedance of the battery protection circuit, improve the charging efficiency and be more secure.


  • Cell: lithium ion polymer
  • Capacity: 5260mah
  • Working voltage: 3.80v
  • Discharge termination voltage: 3.0V
  • Charging voltage: 4.4V
  • Charging current: 6A Max
  • Discharge current: 4A Max
  • Size: 124.15 * 40.67 * 6.22mm