The epidemic situation is merciless, the world has feelings!
Novel coronavirus pneumonia affects millions of people's hearts
Xinwanda uses her own actions to convey love and warmth!

Fight the epidemic together

At the end of January, Sunwoda donated 10 million yuan in cash to the epidemic areas through the Shenzhen Red Cross Society, which provided a strong financial guarantee for Hubei, Yangjiang, Dianbai, Huizhou and other places to win the epidemic prevention and control battle.

The party calls for action

Facing the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the Party committee of the party responded positively to the call of the Central Committee of the CPC and launched a donation from the party members. Party members of nine branches of Sunwoda Party committee made voluntary donations, a total of 13403 yuan, of which 5346 yuan has been donated to the party system, and another 8057 yuan has been donated to the Shenzhen Red Cross Society.

A trickle of love converges into an ocean of love, and a little love condenses the positive energy of epidemic prevention and control.

Walk with love and keep warm

As of March 24, Sunwoda Charity Foundation has received 13933 yuan of donation and 23000 yuan of material donation. Among them, 5000 yuan has been donated to the Red Cross Society of Hefeng County and the education development foundation of Huazhong University of science and technology, and the rest will continue to be used for epidemic prevention and control.

A caring person of the company learned through the foundation that an employee in Hubei was hospitalized and immediately sent an air purifier for the employee. On March 26, 10000 masks donated by the foundation were delivered to Tianlin County, Baise, Guangxi.

United as one to prevent and control the epidemic, we witnessed the love and warmth of xinwanda.

Love is the most beautiful spring in the world
Love is the warmest home in my heart
The winter of the epidemic is over
Everyone's kindness
Let the warmth pass in xinwanda
Honor list of Xin family