On Sep.12th, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce released the 2023 China Private Enterprises TOP 500 list. Sunwoda has achieved a remarkable leap, moving up 90 places compared to the previous year, and now ranks 218th in the list. This is the company's sixth consecutive year on the prestigious list. Additionally, Sunwoda has also secured a spot in the 2023 China Private Manufacturing Enterprises TOP 500, ranking 146th.

According to the research and analysis report , the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce has organized this study on large-scale private enterprises for 25 consecutive years. A total of 8,961 companies with annual revenues exceeding 500 million yuan participated in the selection process. The entry threshold for the TOP 500 list has increased to 27.578 billion yuan, which is 1.211 billion yuan higher than the previous year.

The report highlights the efforts of the TOP 500 private enterprises in implementing the policies and directives of the central government, overcoming challenges and pressures. They have focused on their core businesses, strived for excellence, pursued innovation-driven development, and consciously followed the path of high-quality development. These companies have also accelerated their digital transformation, embraced green and low-carbon practices, and invested in brand cultivation to enhance the quality and level of their development. Moreover, they have actively fulfilled their social responsibilities. The overall scale of the TOP 500 private enterprises has steadily grown while the industrial structure continues to optimize.

As a private enterprise entrenched in Shenzhen for nearly 30 years, Sunwoda has achieved impressive results. In 2022,  revenue reached 52.162 billion yuan, registering a significant year-on-year growth of 39.63%. Sunwoda has demonstrated remarkable performance in R&D investment and technological innovation. Sunwoda is actively transitioning towards a low-carbon economy and promoting sustainable development within the battery industry. Furthermore, we actively participate in various public welfare services, including supporting vulnerable groups, assisting education, providing medical aid, offering disaster relief, and more.

Looking ahead, Sunwoda is set to continue unleashing its innovative vitality, accelerating its development pace, and striving to become a leading global enterprise!