In response to the national "dual-carbon emission" policy and to meet the growing demand for charging of new energy vehicles, at the beginning of the new year, Sunwoda's first photovoltaic-storage-charging-testing integrated charging station officially open at Sunwoda's Guangming R&D Base!


Located in the core area of intelligent manufacturing in Fenghuang Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen, the Sunwoda Guangming R&D Base is the first liquid-cooled ultra-fast charging station in the Sunwoda production bases, providing ultra-fast charging services to the base. The project adopts Sunwoda's smart energy solution "photovoltaic-storage-charging-testing". The implementation of this project not only adds a new landmark to the base but also showcases its green development concept externally, promoting the development of green, low-carbon, and smart cities.

The total construction area of the project is approximately 350 square meters, comprising a comprehensive station integrating photovoltaic power generation, distributed energy storage, liquid-cooled ultra-fast charging, and battery testing services. The station utilizes photovoltaic power generation to provide green electricity to new energy vehicles, with solar panels covering an area of 120 square meters on the parking shed. After being put into operation, the annual average electricity generation is about 24,000 kWh, saving approximately 7.23 tons of standard coal per year and reducing emissions by 19.81 tons.


The project incorporates Sunwoda's flexible intelligent charging stack, equipped with one liquid-cooled ultra-fast charger and seven DC fast chargers, capable of supporting eight new energy vehicles charging simultaneously. The "ultra-fast charging + group charging" mode allows power pool sharing, intelligently allocating charging power according to the needs of different vehicles, providing stable, efficient, and fast charging services. The power of the liquid-cooled ultra-fast charger can reach up to 480 kW, with a charging efficiency 8-10 times that of regular fast chargers, enabling a rapid charging experience of ten minutes for a range of 400 kilometers.

The project is complemented by Sunwoda's 100kW/215kWh energy storage system, integrating long-life battery systems and efficient PCS in outdoor cabinets. Each cabinet is a complete independent system, capable of directly connecting to low-voltage distribution grids and expanding to connect to the grid after parallel expansion on the AC side. This system achieves peak shaving, power capacity expansion, enhanced power supply reliability, and supports energy conservation and emission reduction.

Based on Sunwoda's core energy storage battery technology, high-power ultra-fast charging technology, photovoltaic power generation technology, intelligent detection technology for power batteries, and energy intelligent management technology, the Sunwoda solar energy storage, charging, and inspection solution consists of four main parts: light (photovoltaic system), storage (energy storage system), charging (charging and discharging system), and inspection (battery detection). This solution ensures energy intelligent scheduling to guarantee safe and efficient operation of equipment, bringing economic benefits to customers such as peak shaving, demand response, demand-based electricity fee management, and emergency backup, enabling clean electricity, green travel, and supporting carbon neutrality.