The 17th KEY – The Energy Transition Expo was opened in Rimini Expo Center, Italy on February 28. The Sunwoda energy storage battery and the latest energy storage solutions made a stunning debut. The energy storage battery products on display utilize the "lithium iron phosphate + graphite" system with an olivine crystal structure, ensuring safety and user confidence. By using LFP material, the thermal decomposition temperature exceeds 800°C, resulting in an ultra-low oxygen release during the decomposition process for enhanced cell performance.


The most popular among them are the 314 Ah energy storage cell products, with an energy density of 180 Wh/kg and a volume energy density of 395 Wh/L. They can be used for a 20 feet 5 MWh energy storage system. Sunwoda currently utilizes cutting-edge pre-lithiation technology, and the future 314 Ah energy storage battery is set to have a cycle life of more than 15,000 times and a durable service span of 25 years.


Sunwoda will take the opportunity of the exhibition to display its core energy storage cell technology progress and five major energy storage solutions. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of international clients and industry professionals who will visit, inspect, discover, and share ideas with us.