On March 11th, the Wuyi 200MW/400MWh grid-side energy storage project in Jinhua City officially started construction. This project is currently the largest individual grid-side independent energy storage project in Zhejiang Province.


The Wuyi project marks the beginning of Sunwoda's strategic layout in grid-side energy storage in Zhejiang Province, serving as a benchmark and demonstration project for the Sunwoda's energy storage.

Once completed, the project will be capable of grid dispatch, effectively alleviating the intermittent and random impacts of wind energy, photovoltaics, and other energy sources on the grid. It will have significant advantages in peak shaving, frequency regulation, phase adjustment, and emergency backup, playing a crucial role in promoting green energy transformation, coping with extreme events, ensuring energy security, facilitating high-quality energy development, and achieving the "dual carbon" goals.