Introduction of Compliance Management System

Compliance Policy:

Sunwoda upholds the compliance policy of “complying with laws and regulations and the principle of integrity to run the company, conduct business, and create values.” We always stick to the principles of compliance and integrity and comply with all applicable laws and regulations and the highest business ethics and standards in the places where our business is carried out. We also require every employee to observe the compliance code of conduct to ensure the continuous and sound development of the company.

Building of Compliance Management System:

Sunwoda has established a comprehensive compliance management system. We ensure the effective operation and continuous improvement of the compliance management system by appointing the chief compliance officer, setting up a compliance organization, establishing the compliance policy and system, assessing and addressing compliance risks, and fostering a compliance culture.

Cultivation of Compliance Culture:

Sunwoda attaches importance to the cultivation of a compliance culture. We adopt a combination of top-down strategies that cover all employees, continuously strengthen their compliance awareness through the compliance oath, training, and promotion, and cultivate and practice the compliance culture and concept of “voluntary compliance and compliance by all.”

Supervision and Tip-Off

Sunwoda encourages its employees or business partners to report any non-compliance. The company promises to keep the informants and their tip-offs in strict confidence and will seriously investigate and punish any form of retaliation. Click here to enter the supervision and tip-off platform.