Compliance Management of Business Partners

Sunwoda is dedicated to implementing business compliance in all commercial behaviors, ranging from internal management to external cooperation. We expressly declare our compliance requirements and zero tolerance for corruption and fraudulent behaviors to all our employees, suppliers, and relevant partners.

Basic Principles for Cooperation Between Sunwoda and its Business Partners

(1)Principle of Legality:

Both the company and its business partners should conscientiously comply with the provisions of relevant laws, regulations, rules, and policies on fair trade, incorruptibility, self-discipline, and anti-corruption. If one party finds the other party violating any regulations, disciplines, or laws in business activities, the party should immediately remind the other party and report any serious violation to relevant authorities.

(2)Principle of Integrity:

The company selects business partners with good credit standing and contractual capacity.

(3)Principle of Fairness:

Sunwoda treats suppliers in a fair way and provides them with equal opportunities to participate in tenders. When engaging in business activities with suppliers, Sunwoda prohibits the acceptance of any form of commercial bribe or financial or other benefit from them. While respecting suppliers’ corporate cultures, we treat them and their business representatives according to business etiquette.