Electronic Cigarette


Cigarette oil type electronic cigarette (steam type): use electronic atomizer to heat the solution of nicotine, water, perfume, propylene glycol and glycerol to produce an aerosol for inhalation. This kind of electronic cigarette is mainly composed of three parts: the smoke tube (or oil storage tank) which contains nicotine solution (cigarette oil), evaporation device (atomizer) and battery. Heating non combustion electronic cigarette: the tobacco in the special cigarette bomb is heated to the extent that it can emit fragrance and tobacco flavor. When the temperature is lower than 350 ℃, it can avoid the harmful substances of traditional tobacco. The structure is mainly composed of battery, main board and heating rod / heating plate.


  • Color diversity, simple design, fine technology, convenient operation, health and environmental protection
  • Little nicotine, no tar, smokeless ash, no open fire, no second-hand smoke hazard