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Important Information for Tip-Offs

1、The company encourages and processes real-name tip-offs on a priority basis. We reward real-name informants for tip-offs that are proven to be true. We reward our employees with up to 1 million yuan and our partners with up to 5 million yuan.

2、Sunwoda has established strict confidentiality measures to resolutely protect informants’ information and will seriously investigate and punish any form of retaliation.

3、Informants must be responsible for the objectivity and truthfulness of their tip-offs and should not fabricate or distort facts, lodge false accusations or frame-ups, or make trouble in the disguise of tip-offs.

4、Our audit department will designate personnel to process the case based on the tip-off content. If the tip-off does not fall within the processing scope of the audit department, we will transfer it to the relevant department as and when necessary and appropriate. If the case is related to human resources, it might be transferred to our HR department. We might also provide any information about violations to government agencies or courts subject to legal requirements. By using this tip-off platform, you agree that the information you provide will be collected, processed, and used in the aforementioned manner.