Scope of Processing

Corruption or fraudulent behaviors that Sunwoda employees or partners commit for seeking illicit personal gains in their performance of duties or engagement in business activities, as well as behaviors that violate the company’s compliance policy or the Compliance Code of Conduct:

1、seeking or accepting bribes or kickbacks, or accepting gifts, dinner invitations, or entertainment in violation of regulations;

2、embezzling, stealing, or misappropriating the company’s assets;

3、seeking illicit gains for themselves or others by exploiting their positions or the company’s resources;

4、obtaining, using, or disclosing the company’s confidential information in violation of regulations;

5、engaging in unfair competition, such as bid rigging or collusion;

6、practicing frauds, such as fabricating transactions or proof; 

7、and other behaviors that violate laws or regulations or seriously harm the company’s interests.